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Titan S-3 Stainless Steel Airless Spray Gun Overview

Titan S-3 Spray Gun Overview

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Quick Glance

  • Stainless Steel fluid passages
  • Tungsten carbide ball valve & seat ensures long life & durability
  • In-handle filter
  • Easy 4-finger trigger pull
  • 1/4" swivel to reduce hose kinks
  • Includes 517 Red TR1 Reversible Tip
  • Pressure rated @ 3900 psi (24.8 MPa)


The Titan S-3 airless spray gun is a fantastic upgrade replacement for the Titan RX-80.  The S-3 has a very similar design to the RX-80 and older LX-80 that makes it perfect for the line striping bracket used on a variety of PowrLiner stripers.  If you need a slightly higher pressure or looking for a beefier gun, the S-3 is a great choice.

There are two options to choose from for the S-3. You can pick between the gun and a tip or as a kit with gun, 1/4" x 50' hose and red TR1 tip.

If you're considering the S-3 and haven't owned one before, keep in mind this gun is sold with some of the Titan PowrLiner series of line stripers because of it's round handle design which fits nicely in the line striping spray arm bracket.  While the S-3 is comfortable enough to use for every-day spraying, it is no where near as comfortable as the stainless steel Titan RX-APEX which can handle pressures up to 5000 PSI and was redesigned in 2018 to be an ergonomic spray gun for hand held operation.

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