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About Painter Parts


Painter Parts started out as an e-commerce website to provide a way for folks to find and purchase each and every individual part for their paint equipment. After much deliberation, discussion and trial-and-error, we finally settled on the idea that most folks need accessories and general maintenance parts, not some random washer that is tucked back so far you can't get to it unless you took the whole machine apart... Quite frankly, you can go down to the local hardware store and pick up a washer or nut for a lot cheaper. It just didn't make sense.

We've learned over the years that a lot of folks like you, could very well take your machine to the near-by service center, but sometimes, it just makes more sense to fix things yourself. Sometimes, the local shops don't have what you need and you have no choice but to order it online.  Maybe you need accessories but aren't sure which ones will actually fit your machine.  That's why we're here. Out of necessity through other business ventures, we decided to provide a place where you can buy parts to maintain your own equipment and save the cost involved with service shops. We want to provide access to any and all accessories that you could ever want for your piece of paint equipment. We saw a need for an easy website that has all of the major parts ready to go so you don't have to go digging through manuals and random websites to see if a part will fit your machine.

So, a little about us, Painter Parts is a subsidiary of M&M Distribution LLC, a distribution company based out of south central Kansas, dedicated to giving professionals a way to find products and material quick and easy. We're run by a small team of individuals who take pride in quality information and customer service. M&M Distribution LLC was founded officially in 2009, but the roots of the business go back over a decade to 2007. When the economy struggled, we managed to survive and it's been a fantastic journey ever since.

We hope to bring you on as a loyal customer and look forward to doing business with you!

More on the story

Painter Parts began as an idea in late 2016 and soon after, took the necessary baby steps to get up and going as a proof-of-concept.  After we decided it wasn't feasable to continue the direction we were headed, we put Painter Parts on the back burner to take care of the more stable business ventures that were already established.

In Mid 2018, Phil, our web guy picked the project back up and began working towards making Painter Parts a reality.

By late 2018, the site was up and running, ready to add products.  In Early 2019, the site was turned on live for official orders and we had our first order (Thanks George) in a little less than a month after going live.  As of this writing, it is now offically May 2019 and we're going strong.  Phil has been able to dedicate a lot of time on the backend to bring products forward and he still has a lot of work left to continue filling out descriptions and making the products feel at home here.  So if things look a little messy, rest assured we're working on it.

If you see a product on the site and it says it's available for purchase, then you're good to go!