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Titan 1-Gun PowrLiner Glass Bead Dispenser Kit with Hopper for 4 inch to 6 inch lines - 424-826

MPN: 424-826
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Titan 1-Gun Glass Bead Kit with Hopper - 4" - 6" Line Width

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  • Perfect for 1-Gun line striping
  • Fits the PowrLiner 3500 or larger
  • Kit includes 6" dispenser drop box and hopper


You can apply glass beads by hand but why go to the trouble when you can apply them when you paint?

With the Titan 1-Gun glass bead dispenser and hopper kit, you can automatically apply glass beads to 4" up to 6" line widths.

With the purchase of this kit, you will receive the top load hopper, mounting bracket, hose, clamps and one gravity fed dispenser box.  The hopper has a 50lb capacity which allows you to use a full bag of glass beads.

When the gun is actuated, the bead dispenser door opens simultaneously with the gun. A shower of beads the width of the dispenser is then deposited onto the wet paint line. The amount of beads dispensed is easily adjustable using only a screw driver (six pounds of beads per gallon is a good rule of thumb).

Installation is fairly straight foward (see the installation video below) and if you run into problems, you can always call the Titan tech support for help.

With this 1-Gun kit, you can attach it to the PowrLine 3500 or X9XX Series of line stripers (such as the 4955).  If you have a 2-Gun spray system, you might consider picking up the 2-Gun Dispenser Kit instead, but if you only stripe with one gun and use the 2nd gun for curbs or stencils, then the 1-Gun kit will work just fine.  You can always add the 2nd dispenser box at a later time or if you prefer maximum flexibility, you can add the 12" dispenser box (see below) and have a mix-match of both sizes available.  For example setup one gun to bead 4-6" lines and the other to bead 12" lines.  (Make sure both are added to your cart in order to receive both)


  • Kits come complete with hopper, dispensers, hoses and all mounting hardware required for operation (tools not included)
  • Pre-drilled and tapped holes in frame make mounting the bead hopper very easy. Durable powder coated hopper and mounting brackets
  • Quick connect swivel fittings linkage provide ease of installation and removal when painting lines where beads are not needed
  • Flow of beads is controlled by adjusting the slide plate opening behind door. Dual plates allow electing 4 or 6 inch width

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2nd Gun Dispenser

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