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Titan PowrLiner 850 Front Wheel Caster Release Assembly - 0293970

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Titan PowrLiner 850 Caster Release Assembly

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Quick Glance

  • Converts the static front wheel to free rotating 
  • Includes lever and cable for locking / unlocking
  • Automatic latch system for locking into straight mode


If you own a PowrLiner 850 and need to do curves, you're missing out if you haven't already picked up the PowrLiner 850 caster wheel assembly.

The bigger machines like the PL3500 and X955 series of PowrLiners all come standard with a locking front wheel that can be unlocked to free-wheel with the pull of a lever.  On the 850 however, this was an afterthought by Titan and they decided it should be left as an accessory.

If straight is what you do, then you don't really need the free wheel caster assembly for your PL850, but if you do arcs and curves, it can be the difference between looking like an amature and a professional.

The PowerLiner 850 is light enought that you can easily push down on the handlebars to re-position the front wheel, but when it comes to trying to make arcs... It's not as easy.  Sure, you could learn, but why waste the time when you can simply install a tool that makes it easier?

Pick yours up today and turn with ease!