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Titan PowrLiner 4955, 6955, 8955 Field Marking Turf Kit - 759-155

MPN: 759-155
SKU: 759-155

Titan PowrLiner 4955, 6955, 8955 Turf Kit

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Quick Glance

  • Perfect for field marking professionals
  • Works with PowrLiner 4955, 6955 and 8955
  • Adds more stability to your line striping machine


Do you have a PowrLiner 4955, 6955 or 8955 and use it for field marking and turf?  Add the Titan PowrLiner Turf Kit to your line striper and make it even easier to use on grassy surfaces.

The PowrLiner Turf Kit is a replacement for the standard, single front wheel and converts it into a dual front wheel setup.  Having the extra wheel in the front make the line striper more stable on uneven surfaces so you can spend more time pushing and less time keeping the machine from tipping over.

If you only plan to stripe on concrete or asphalt surfaces, the single wheel setup that comes standard with the PowrLiner is all you need.  But if you plan to stirpe on fields then make your life a little easier with the Titan Turf Kit.