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Titan PowrLiner 12 Gallon Large Capacity Paint Hopper - 759-130

MPN: 759-130
SKU: 759-130

Titan PowrLiner 12 Gallon Paint Hopper

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Quick Glance

  • Large 12 gallon capacity
  • Universally fits in any 5 gallon bucket tray holder
  • Speeds up the job allowing you to focus on your work


If you stripe a lot of the same color of paint, having more than twice the capacity of a standard 5 gallon bucket can save you a lot of time which makes you money.

With the Titan Paint hopper, you can add almost 12 gallons of paint which means you get to stripe twice as long without having to stop and swap buckets.

The obvious down-side is that you have to pour paint into the hopper, but the upside beond the capaicty is that you don't have to pull out the suction hose while trying to keep your equipment clean.  We've found that the pros far outweigh the cons and with the larger capacity, you can focus more on what you like doing.