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Titan 8oz Bottle of Piston Lube - 314-480

MPN: 314-480
SKU: 314-480

Titan 8oz Bottle Piston Lube

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  • Specially formulated to prevent materials from adhering to the piston rod.
  • Suitable for use with most airless piston pumps.
  • Reduce wear on cylinders, pistons and upper packings


The titan piston lube is specifically designed to lube the pistons and prevent wear on all of the piston operated PowrLiner airless line striping machines. Keeping your investment working longer is important and preventative maintenance shouldn't be taken lightly.

In order to keep your Titan airless striping machine in optimal working condition, regular use of piston lube will help dissolve material on the displacement rods and it also helps reduce premature wear on cylinders, pistons and upper packings caused by dried paint particles.