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Titan 1 Gallon Bottle of LS-10 Liquid Shield Plus - 0521418

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Titan LS-10 1 Gallon Liquid Shield Plus

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  • Cleans and protects your spray system against rust and corrosion
  • ​Extends the life of your pump
  • Includes anti-freeze protection


Winterize, clean and protect your paint equipment investment for longer life and better operation with the Titan LS-10 Liquid Shield Plus.

The Titan LS-10 Liquid Shield Plus is designed with anti-freeze properties for winterizing your machine during the off season.

Instead of priming the system and keeping it filled with water which can corrode sensitive parts in your equipment, the LS-10 is designed to replace water with a non-corrosive solution that also breaks down and helps clean your machine.

It's also a great product to have around for cleaning tips and keeping paint build-up from drying on them.

Use the LS-10 to flush pumps, hoses, guns and the like when you aren't planning on using it for an extended period of time.

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